Fire Door Survey Report


Fire Door Survey Report London:

A recent survey of fire door inspections revealed that 61% of the doors inspected had issues with fire & smoke seals,
25% had problems with hinges and 1 in 6 had problems with the door leaf.

Therefore, making sure your fire doors and all the components that make up your fire door are 100% compliant is absolutely crucial to the performance of ANY fire door in the event of a fire.

Fire Door: Survey Guide

1. Fire Door Leaf
2. Fire Door Frame
3. Fire Door Hinges
4. Fire Door Seals
5. Fire Door Gaps
6. Fire Door Furniture
7. Fire Door Threshold

Fire Door: Inspection Guide

It is required that suitably fire rated fire doors are suitably fitted in the required locations to meet the required fire safety building regulations.

These locations and fire ratings are determined by approved building regulations, type of premises and a suitable & sufficient fire risk assessment.

Fire Door: Rating Guide

1. FD30 = 30 minute 'fire rated'
2. FD60 = 60 minute 'fire rated'
3. FD30(s) = c/w 'smoke seals'
4. FD60(s) = c/w 'smoke seals'

  • Smoke seals fire rating must equal the fire door fire rating to which it is being installed.

  • Intumescent strips fire rating must equal the fire door fire rating to which it is being installed.

That is to say:

  • 30 minute seals for FD30 only
  • 60 minute seals for FD60 only

Any deviation will invalidate your fire door ratings.

Video 1:
Controlled Legal Fire Door Test

Video 2:
Fire Door versus UPVC Door Test

BWF - British Woodworking Federation

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service

How Often Should You Inspect Your Fire Doors?

The answer to this question varies significantly. Whilst your fire risk assessment should indicate, it is likely for medium to higher risk premises, you will require a more formal & suitable management system in-place to conduct the appropriate inspection routines for your Fire Doors & systems.

Our Fire Door Survey & Check Guidance:
The details below are not limited and a full fire door survey report is provided.

1. Door Traffic
2. Door Stress
3. Door Position - Critical?
4. Door Type - Light Duty?
5. Inspection - Simple Check List - Fire Wardens
6. Inspection - Detailed Check List - Maintenance Staff
7. Including many more detailed fire door items...

Please Note: An suitable & sufficient fire risk assessment should be conducted first. Therefore, prior to any fire door survey, we will either conduct an suitable & sufficient fire risk assessment (charged) or, request your provision of an suitable & sufficient fire risk assessment prior to any quote for fire door survey report.

Fire Safety Management Fire Risk Assessors: Personal Behaviour:

  • Ethical - Fair, truthful, sincere, honest & discreet
  • Open-Minded - Willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view
  • Diplomatic - Tactful in dealing with people
  • Observant - Actively observing physical surroundings & activities
  • Perceptive - Aware of and able to understand situations
  • Versatile - Able to adapt readily to different situations
  • Tenacious - Persistent and focused on achieving objectives
  • Decisive - Able to reach timely conclusions based on logical reason & analysis
  • Acts with Fortitude - Providing unpopular guidance, responsibly & ethically
  • Culturally Sensitive - Observant and respectful to the culture of the client
  • Collaborative - Effectively interacting with others albeit managers or directors.

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

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