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"Protecting Life, Property & Infrastructure"

Fire Risk Assessment

MG Fire Safety Group are ex-fire & rescue services & fully qualified & accredited life safety fire risk assessors through the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE). Our fire risk assessors can conduct a fire risk assessment on any type of commercial or residential premises. Our fire risk assessors have each conducted 1000's of fire risk assessments for both workplace and residential types of premises. Our experience will assist you in passing fire authority, local council authority, local building control fire inspections & provide insurers & solicitors with legal fire inspection reports - Call 0800 999 8595.

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Fire Extinguisher Service

We provide fire extinguisher service, supply & maintenance for all workplace premises from offices to shops through to colleges, hospitals & industrial factories. We can also survey your workplace as part of our standard annual fire extinguisher service plan. We provide full installation of every type of fire extinguisher to meet BS 5306-8: 2012 and full service routines to meet BS 5306-3: 2017 by BAFE qualified fire extinguisher service technicians. Fire Extinguisher Service, Supply & Maintenance - We take pride in our fire safety equipment & signage installation services - Call 0800 999 8595.

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Fire Warden Training

Our fire safety consultants are all ex-fire service with each over 29 years experience in fire service, safety & training. We offer 3 types of fire safety training courses. Fire warden course & practical hot fire extinguisher course conducted on-site. In-addition or separate, on-line fire safety e-training courses are provided. Each designed to assist the clients needs and budget. Our fire safety training services meet each clients legal requirements. Whether you need on-line or on-site fire training, we address all of our clients needs - Do you need to know how many staff need fire training - Call 0800 999 8595.

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"Life Safety, Building Safety & Fire Safety Consultancy"

Fire Safety Strategy

A fire strategy covers many areas. Our technical fire safety, guides our clients in occupancy characteristics & floor space factors for all types of premises & takes into account the number of fire escape routes & the size of fire doors. Providing maximum occupancy.

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Fire Safety Management

All business premises, no matter how small or large, require suitable fire safety management policies and procedures to suit the needs of the business environment in-which they operate. Suitable fire safety management protects life, property & infrastructure.

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Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire evacuation drills, emergency evacuation drills, personal emergency evacuation plans & general emergency evacuation plans are required by the majority of workplaces. The frequency & type depends on the size & nature of your workplace operations.

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Fire Door Survey Report

Fire doors are life and property protection devices designed to allow occupants to escape in a fire, prevent a fire from spreading from its room of fire origin & provide the fire & rescue services time to carry out vital fire fighting operations. Need to know more?

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Fire Alarm Zone Plans

Fire alarm systems are designed to provide early warning when they operate. Suitable evacuation depends on many factors. A fire alarm zone & fire alarm escape plan is primary & required to expedite occupants escape & assist fire & rescue service access operations.

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"Qualified & Experienced Fire Safety Professionals - We Are All 29 Years Ex-Fire Service & Fire Safety Consultants"


MG Fire Safety Group formed in 2005 to provide vital fire safety services to all commercial & residential business premises to assist in the implementation of the Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005 (RRO/ FSO).
We are ex-fire service fire fighters, fire safety officers & fire safety consultants.

We are IFE life safety fire risk assessors & fire safety managers, providing building & fire safety management plans, fire safety training, fire safety evacuation drills, fire extinguisher servicing, fire warden training, fire door surveys, fire compartment surveys, fire engineering solutions & fire safety strategy planning reports.

We are proud that our clients return to us year after year & that we are recommended by so many. We do the best we can to meet our clients expectations. We are personable & helpful whilst being very professional.

We are fully qualified & experienced ex-fire service fire risk assessors, fire extinguisher technicians & fire safety strategy planning consultants.
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"Fire Safety in London - Serving West London, North London, East London, South London, the South East & Home Counties"

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