Fire Safety Management London:

The Mayor Of London - Policy D11 & Policy D3: - Fire Safety Strategy Plan:
This requires all new builds & refurbishments to comply to the London Fire Strategy.

Passive Fire Protection Guidance:

All commercial & residential premises require a suitable fire safety management plan.
The type, size and nature of your business operations will dictate the scope of fire safety management planning required.

We provide fire safety strategies & fire safety management plans.

Fire Safety Management - Compartment Fire Safety & Fire Hazards Control - London

Fire Safety Management: Example 1:

Even in the most experienced business, we still find major fire risks that present most serious threat to life & property.

Whilst we provided suitable hay stacking procedures for our client, if a fire had occurred, it would have resulted in the destruction of their farm & equestrian facility.

Fire Safety Management: Example 2:

Fires can spread through any holes or gaps presented or made available. Such as unchecked contractor works..!

If not suitably fire rated, even the best intentions will not stop a fire from spreading from one premises to another.

In this instance, the wrong passive fire protection material was used. Foam was incorrect - even if fire rated, the size of the gap requires more suitable fire rating material.

Fire batt board with fire rated collars & fire putty to fill larger gaps with fire mastic to make good the seals would be legal.
Fire Safety Management - Compartment Fire Safety & Passive Fire Protection Assessments - London

Fire Safety Management - Compartment Fire Safety & Passive Fire Contractor Control Assessments  - LondonFire Safety Management: Example 3:

New Build & Refurbishment Works Are Conducted To The Highest Standards. Such As ADBv2: Fire Safety 2019.

Without A Suitable Fire Risk Assessment & Passive Fire Protection Inspection - It Is Clear How Unchecked Contractor Works After Building Planning Approvals Can Lead To Fire Spread. An Suitable Fire Risk Assessment Is Required.

Means Of Escape: Vertical Evacuation: (High Rise Blocks Of Flats & Multi-Storey Premises):

(A) Simultaneous Evacuation
Unprotected Staircase - Fire Calculations

(B) Phased Evacuation
Protected Staircase - Fire Calculations

(C) Ground Floor:
Merging Staircase - Fire Calculations

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

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