Fire Safety Strategy


Fire Safety Strategy London:

An fire safety strategy is required for every premises that requires:

  1. Occupancy Numbers to be Calculated to Building Regulations
  2. Occupancy Numbers to be Calculated to British Standards
  3. Fire & Rescue Service Authority Approvals
  4. Local Council Authority Approvals
  5. Building Control Approvals
  6. Licensing Approvals
  7. Insurance Approvals

Fire Safety Policies & Procedures - Fire Safety Strategies are required separately.
Fire Safety Strategy: Occupancy Numbers & Calculations: See Below:-

Fire Safety Strategy Calculations:

1. Pubs, Social Clubs & Nightclubs
2. Cafes, Bars & Restaurants
3. Schools, Academies & Universities
4. Sports Stadiums & Open Air Events
5. Temporary Facilities & Outdoor Facilities

Small Sites: (05 - 60 Persons)

These figures will be added into our Fire Risk Assessment.

This depends upon your operations and number of floors.

Medium Sites: (60 - 200 Persons)

These figures may be added into our Fire Risk Assessment.

This depends upon your operations and number of floors.

Large Sites: (200+ Persons)

These figures require a separate Fire Safety Strategy.

This may detail the dimensions and legal requirements for:

Please See Below: 

What Do We Assess & Calculate..?

1. Fire Exit Door Widths
2. Number Of Fire Escape Routes
3. Number Of Fire Exit Doors Required
4. Distance Of Travel
5. Number Of Floors
6. Number Of Stairways
7. Horizontal & Vertical Evacuation
8. Floor Space Factors
9. Site Measurements & Calculations
10. Maximum Occupant Capacity

Means Of Escape: Vertical Evacuation: (High Rise Blocks Of Flats & Multi-Storey Premises):

(A) Simultaneous Evacuation
Unprotected Staircase - Fire Calculations

(B) Phased Evacuation
Protected Staircase - Fire Calculations

(C) Ground Floor:
Merging Staircase - Fire Calculations

Fire Safety Management Fire Risk Assessors: Personal Behaviour:

  • Ethical - Fair, truthful, sincere, honest & discreet
  • Open-Minded - Willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view
  • Diplomatic - Tactful in dealing with people
  • Observant - Actively observing physical surroundings & activities
  • Perceptive - Aware of and able to understand situations
  • Versatile - Able to adapt readily to different situations
  • Tenacious - Persistent and focused on achieving objectives
  • Decisive - Able to reach timely conclusions based on logical reason & analysis
  • Acts with Fortitude - Providing unpopular guidance, responsibly & ethically
  • Culturally Sensitive - Observant and respectful to the culture of the client
  • Collaborative - Effectively interacting with others albeit managers or directors.

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