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Fire Safety Consultation & Fire Safety Strategy Planning - LONDON

Fire safety is a minefield of regulations and standards, whereby business premises are required to adhere for both legal & insurance purposes. 

There are many specialist areas requiring more detailed fire safety guidance that are not usually covered in an life safety fire risk assessment report.

We have been providing specialist fire safety guidance to our clients both within their fire risk assessment reports and individually via specialist fire safety consultancy or fire safety strategy report writing since 2005.

Specialist subjects can include:

1. Fire Exit & Fire Escape Doors Panic & Emergency Exit Devices
2. Fire Safety for Electromagnetic Door Release Devices & Their Legal Use
3. Safety Distances between Waste Containers & Buildings
4. Preventing Arson & Information for Young People
5. Recommended Numbers of Fire Wardens & Building Incident Officers
6. Fire Safety for Hot Work Operatives & Hot Work Checklists & Permits
7. Fire Safety Evacuation Strategies for Multi-Storey Buildings
8. Fire Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities including PEEP & GEEP
9. Fire Protection of Paintings & Transport & Storage Safety Guidance
10. Buildings Protection Against Wind Damage
11. Fire Protection of Empty Buildings
12. Fire Safety Measures with Emergency Power Supplies
13. External Wall Systems Guidance for Multi-Storey Buildings
14. Fire Exit Signage Surveys includes Selecting, Siting & Installation
15. Fire Safety Management Planning including Policies & Procedures

Fire Safety in Buildings:

We cover all types of buildings, whether they be commercial or residential, single storey or multi-storey high rise buildings. We are very experienced in assessing and providing fire safety management strategies for many varied and complex premises such as:

1. Fire Safety in Warehouses
2. Fire Safety in Commercial Kitchens
3. Fire Safety in Electronic Manufacturing Industries
4. Fire Safety of Unattended Processes
5. Fire Safety in Commercial Launderettes
6. Fire Safety at Recycling Centres
7. Fire Safety at Agricultural Premises
8. Fire Safety in the Construction & Use of Saunas
9. Fire Protection of Laboratories
10. Fire Protection of Portable Accommodation Units

Naturally, we also cover all the usual types of commercial and residential types of buildings such as:

1. Fire Safety in Offices & Office Complex
2. Fire Safety in Shops & Shopping Centres
3. Fire Safety in Restaurants & Cafes
4. Fire Safety in Nightclubs & Pubs
5. Fire Safety in Hotels, Public House Inns & Bed & Breakfasts
6. Fire Safety in Schools, Academies, Colleges & Universities
7. Fire Safety in Doctors, Dentist & Veterinary Surgeries
8. Fire Safety in Leisure Centres & Gymnasiums
9. Fire Safety in Churches & Places Of Worship
10. Fire Safety in Factories & Warehouse Facilities
11. Fire Safety in Transport Premises & MOT Workshops
12. Fire Safety in Garden Centres, Farms & Equestrians
13. Fire Safety in Hairdressers & Barbers
14. Fire Safety in Salons & Spa Facilities
15. Fire Safety in Marquees & Tents

Our experience will assist you in passing fire authority, local council authority & building control fire inspections & provide insurers, solicitors, banks & financial institutions with an legal fire risk assessment report to save life, protect your business infrastructure & assist credit & confirm your building control.

There are many questions some may have, therefore:

We have provided an online FAQ page that we hope will answer the majority of technical questions asked & that we can legally answer online. See FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

Otherwise, if answers are not already provided within our website, it is most likely any other questions & answers can only be provided within our detailed Fire Risk Assessment document report or via, another Fire Safety Service.

We conduct our fire inspections to comply with:

1. The Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005
2. The Building Regulations (ADB) Part 1/ Part 2 - 2010/ 2019/ 2020/ 2022
3. Local Housing Authorities (LACoRS) & HHSRS & Housing Act (AA)
4. British Standards - BS 9999: 2017
5. British Standards - BS 9991: 2015
6. British Standards - BS relevant to each individual site/ building premises

Further Details - See our info-links below:

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

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