What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

What is a Fire Risk Assessment? What's in a Fire Risk Assessment Report?

In-short, an Fire Risk Assessment is an inspection of your buildings whole premises, albeit commercial or residential, whereby the fire safety measures BOTH active fire protection & passive fire protection, are measured in-line with the premises fire safety procedures.
In-turn, assessed against the current legal requirements such as the RRFSO 2005 or other codes of practice (COP's) or British Standards.

Thus, providing you with an legal, suitable & sufficient + independent & impartial Fire Risk Assessment Report of your buildings current fire safety measures, whilst also including any fire action plan requirements.

Basically, enabling you to manage ALL your BUILDINGS legal fire safety requirements whilst confidently & proactively protecting your staff, guests, visitors & tenants whilst ultimately, protecting your business & investment (Business Resilience) against FIRE.

Our experience will assist you in passing fire authority, local council authority & building control fire inspections & provide insurers, solicitors, banks & financial institutions with an legal fire risk assessment report that saves life, protects your business infrastructure & assists with credit, whilst both providing & confirming your building premises fire safety management & control procedures.

There are many questions some may have, therefore:

We have provided an online FAQ page that we hope will answer the majority of technical questions asked & that we can legally answer online. See FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

Otherwise, if answers are not already provided within our website, it is most likely any other questions & answers can only be provided within our detailed Fire Risk Assessment document report or via, another Fire Safety Service.

What is in your - Fire Risk Assessment Inspection Report?

Firstly, we conduct our fire inspections to comply with:

1. The Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005
2. The Building Regulations (ADB) Part 1/ Part 2 - 2010/ 2019/ 2021
3. Local Housing Authorities (LACoRS) & HHSRS & Housing Act (AA)
4. British Standards - BS 9999: 2017
5. British Standards - BS 9991: 2015
6. British Standards - BS relevant to each individual site/ building premises

Our Document Reports are Comprehensive, Colourful & Informative
Our fire risk assessors - will enable you to manage your premises fire safety.
Our fire risk assessors - reports are detailed, organised, clear & concise.
Our fire risk assessors - can provide guidance on-site whilst inspecting.
Our fire risk assessors - can provide guidance upon delivery of fire risk reports.

Fire Risk Assessment Inspection & Report - Brief Info:

1. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
2. Emergency Lighting & Escape Route Systems
3. Fixed Electrical Installation Systems & EICR
4. Portable Appliance Equipment - PAT Testing
5. Lightening Protection Systems
6. Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Systems (HVACS)
7. Gas Service, Maintenance & Installation Systems
8. Means Of Escape - Distance Of Travel
9. Means Of Escape - Surface Spread Of Flame
10. Means Of Escape - Fire Door Exit Systems
11. Fire Escape Doors - Fire Doors & Door Furniture & Hardware
12. Fire Compartmentation - Internal Fire Spread
13. Fire Compartmentation - External Fire Spread
14. Means Of Escape - Slips, Trips & falls
15. Means Of Escape - Wireless or Auto Door Closing Devices
16. Fire Extinguisher Equipment - Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
17. Fire Extinguishing Equipment - Automatic Fixed Suppression
18. Fire Extinguishing Equipment - Automatic Sprinkler Systems
19. Smoke Control Systems - Natural & Mechanical (AOV)
20. Fire Escape & Safety Signage (Internal) & (External)
21. Fire Safety Management - Housekeeping & COSHH
22. Fire Safety Management - Staff Fire Training
23. Fire Safety Management - Policies & Procedures
24. Fire Safety Management - PEEP & GEEP & PCRA
25. Fire Safety Management - Storage, Refuse & Malicious Ignition
26. Fire Safety Management - Local Authority Building Control
27. Fire Action Plan - Works Guidance Order (1-26)

Please note:

Each subject (as indicated above) is given 1 page of legal & detailed fire safety guidance.
This includes current systems compliance & added system requirements to meet your 'site specific' legal compliances.

In-addition, we also provide an fire action plan, to discuss in-brief what you need to do. Further to this, we also provide a list of jobs.
FYI: The list of jobs to do is intended to assist you in the FRA report management as an (quick ref) guidance list.
Once the to-do list is completed, 75% of the FRA report is usually both controlled & managed suitably to the UK Fire Safety LAW..!

Please note:

We also provide a detailed fire action plan, to discuss in-brief what you need to do.
This is basically a list of jobs to enable your compliance.

FYI: FREE with EVERY fire risk assessment:

1. Emergency Evacuation Strategy Plan
2. Fire Safety Policy & Procedures Manual
3. Fire Action Notice - Personalised & Site Specific
4. Fire Doors - Checklist
5. Daily, Weekly, Monthly - Checklist Document

Prices start @ £475.00 plus £25.00 fire officer service attendance.

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Our Fire Safety Risk Assessors/ Fire Safety Managers - Manage All Types Of Premises & Building Occupancy Fire Safety.

Contact Us for your legal, cost-effective ex-fire service Fire Safety Officer Fire Risk Assessment on: 0800 999 8595.

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